Why Next Level Learning now?

Why are we calling for new visions of learning, specifically for Next Level Learning, now?

  1. We need better metaphors for education and workforce developmentones that represent our collective 21st Century knowledge of how minds work and how learning happens.
  2. We must recognize the full spectrum of human potential and that the machinery of human learning and performance integrates cognitive with emotional processes and mind with body processes.
  3. We need to develop visions of learning that recognize a fuller capacity for what is learnable (for instance, that it is possible to learn about how our minds and bodies work) but that also recognize the inherent limitations; thus learners must be given central agency for growth and development.
  4. We need to view the process of shifting the populace towards this vision as a process of conceptual change that involves leaving behind outdated notions and adopting newer, more powerful ones.
  5. We need concrete examples and proof cases to help people to fully adopt the new vision and its implications.
  6. We need to better understand the textured and nuanced role that educators can play in human development; those who can do, teach.