In Fall 2022, the Next Level Lab offered a virtual workshop series for practitioners that included a number of self-guided learning materials. Over the coming months, we will be publishing pieces from this series on our website. The first piece, on the amygdala hijack, can be found here.


The following set of "Summary Points for Practice" are derived from the brief series entitled, "Applying Learning Sciences Research to Learning and Workforce Development for Next Level Learning Brief Series."  These one page documents highlight the main points from each brief to guide practice.  These summary points will be helpful to both K-16 and Workforce Development educators.

1. What the Research Suggests About Fostering Agentive Learners: Summary Points for Practice

2. What the Research Suggests About Fostering Dispositions: Summary Points for Practice

3. What the Research Suggests About Developing Adaptive Expertise: Summary Points for Practice

4.What the Research Suggests About Supporting Transfer of Learning: Summary Points for Practice

5. What the Research Suggests About Educating for Intelligence Augmentation: Summary Points for Practice

6. What the Research Suggests for Designing Technology-Enabled Training Grounded in Sound Learning Theory: Summary Points for Practice