Applying Learning Sciences Research to Learning and Workforce Development for Next Level Learning Brief Series


Foreword: Powerful Ideas in Applying Learning Sciences, Cognitive Sciences, and Neuroscience to Workforce Development


Brief 1: How Fast Fish Sink or Swim: Adopting an Agentive View of Learners


Brief 2. Why Dispositions Matter for the Workforce in Turbulent, Uncertain Times

Brief 3.  Developing Adaptive Expertise for Navigating New Terrain: An Essential Element of Success in Learning and the Workplace

Brief 4:  How Next Level Learning Enables A More Powerful Vision for Transfer

Brief 5. Intelligence Augmentation: Upskilling Humans to Complement AI

Brief 6. Next Level Learning Environments for Next Level Work: Applying the Learning Sciences to Technology-Enabled Training

images of first three briefsbriefs four to six


From our Teaching Times series on Next Level Learning:

What is Next Level Learning and Why does it Matter?

From Engaged to Agentive: Why is it Time to Raise Learning to the Next Level?

Leveraging Epistemic Emotions to Cultivate Intrinsic Motivation

Deeper Learning Towards What?: The Nature of Deep Understanding

Preparing Students to Augment Artificial Intelligence Rather than to be Replaced by Machine Learning

Dripping Water Wears Through Stones: Small Changes to Bring Your Teaching to the Next Level

The Icing on the Cake: How Metacognition Enhances Learning

Leveraging Learners' Agency for Enhancing the Process of Feedback


The Human Centered Future of Work(force Development). Piece co-authored by NLL doctoral researcher Tessa Forshaw; originally published in The Next Generation of Work: Pathways to Sustainable Economies and Decent Jobs for All by 2030, United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth.

Between Skills and Success: Developing Workers’ Dispositions for Applying Skills in an Uncertain, Disruptive World. Piece by NLL Senior Researcher Dr. Chris Dede and Research Assistant Ashley Etemadi for the Immersive Learning Research Network Conference (iLRN 2022). You can view the accompanying presentation video at this link.

Skills Are Not Enough: Developing Workers' Dispositions to Succeed in an Uncertain, Disruptive World. Piece by NLL Senior Researcher Dr. Chris Dede and Research Assistant Ashley Etemadi for the higher education blog The evoLLLution.

Making Lemonade from Lemons: Pandemic-Driven Improvements in Workforce Instruction and Training. Piece by NLL doctoral researcher Tessa Forshaw for the higher education blog The evoLLLution.