Next Level Lab Events

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Next Level Lab Distinguished Speaker Series! This event series will provide an opportunity for the broader community to learn from scholars who are engaged in work related to the learning sciences, innovative learning design and technology, and workforce development.

Upcoming Presentations: 

Dr. Rovy Branon: May 11, 2022 | Click here to register

Rovy Branon Flyer


Lifetime Learning and the 60-Year Curriculum

The intersectionality of human longevity, rapidly evolving artificial intelligence, growing awareness of inequities in higher education, and shifts in global economic function changes how we consider educating adults for a lifetime. A 40-year-old today likely has an additional 40-year career in front of them. When considering the technological and societal changes over the previous 40-year period, even the best four-year undergraduate experience will fail to prepare learners for this new reality. This talk will position these factors through the lens of the University of Washington’s extended education unit, Continuum College. Continuum College is using the concept of the “60-year curriculum” to frame five key areas for strategic investment. Dr. Branon will describe 1. The meta-curriculum 2. Digital credentials 3. A new stack of academic technologies 4. Emergent learner services 5. Funding and policies to support lifelong learning. The hope is to solicit ongoing dialog with attendees about how research universities can adapt and change while maintaining core purpose.